The Team

As I said before in previous posts and projects, I know that within the industry I want to go into, there’s no chance that I can create such amazing pieces of work on my own and the only way for me to develop as a creative, I need to explore and learn from other people as I’ll never stop learning and improving myself. This is the most tender time in my develop as it’s the point in which I am able to make mistakes and get out as much as possible.

I deliberately went out and looked for a team I felt I could trust and knew would create some amazing work together. Although some of the team has changed and there was a few bumps along the way, pretty much all of the team is there and things seem to be going well.
With this blog post being quite late compared to where it would have been if I was to do it when it was in development, the list would have looked like this,

Abi Sharp – Level 6, Visual Communication. Helping me with creating some of the background artwork which I will have detailed and helped plan shots. To also help with the post production work on After Effects.
Andy Howden – Level 6, Digital Film, Games & Animation. Helping me with 3D layout and run through of the animation as well as possible post production work on After Effects.
Danny Cooper – Level 6, Digital Film, Games & Animation. Helping with the sound and music as head of sound and music.
Hannah McCann – Level 5, Visual Communication. Helping me as assistant animator and colouring in the animation.
Jade Hodgson – Level 6, Digital Film, Games & Animation. Helping as lead character designer for the main three characters within the animation.
James Flanagan – Level 6, Graphic Design. Put in charge of typography and general help with colours and design.
Liam Rushfirth – Level 6, Graphic Design. Another person to help me create backgrounds with plans of shots and general ideas given.
Natalie Fyfe – Level 6, Art & Design Interdisciplinary. In order to understand the character well enough in the real world, I decided to find someone who could create a model of at least the main character so I could look at it in a three-dimensional sense.
Rachel King – Level 5, Visual Communication. Helping me in the animation to do possible inbetween animation and help colour the animation as there will be so many frames to do it would be almost impossible for me to do so much in such a short time.
Ruth Liddell – Level 6, Interior Design. In order to create and build an imaginary world I would first have to base it off a real life setting as well as understand where everything would sit if it was to be real. Ruth would be my supermarket layout adviser and help in the general design.
Sacha Frampton – Level 4, Digital Film, Games & Animation. Possible animation and inbetweens, but mainly focusing on helping with colouring and a little bit of production if needed.

Due to people’s commitments as well as slight changes in process and plan there was changes to the team as the as the project has gone on.

Sound & Music by Danny Cooper
Three main characters designed by Jade Hodgson
Background Art by Liam Rushfirth
Supermarket Background Art by Abi Sharp
Yeti Designed & Animated by Hannah McCann
Graphics by James Flanagan
Post Production aid by Andy Howden
Colouring by Rachel King
Colouring by Sacha Frampton
Model Sculpted by Natalie Fyfe.

James Flanagan and Liam Rushfirth has also now joined together and are going to create a lovely ‘making of…’ book and helping to create a press pack for the animation once it’s complete.


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