VFX Crisis

Recently there’s been issues and discussions with the way in which VFX companies have been treated as well as how poorly some of them are doing even though the film have been such hits, with the biggest debate coming from the new Life of Pi film and the main VFX company involved, Rhythm & Hues.

What has happened is that the world has gone into recession and financial struggle as we all know, however for VFX companies they seem to have been left completely in the dark and left behind the large money market of film and television. For a long time now I know myself that if I was to head towards VFX, I wouldn’t be aiming for a job that earn me a lot of money however it would be something I’d enjoy and be proud of. The main issue that were raised around Life of Pi, is that there was such a lack of recognition for the work that VFX companies have put into the largest grossing and award winning films. What’s come about is an argument and debate around the treatment and pay of those within the VFX and some what creative industry as we see so many film companies and creative industries hit a very difficult time as with every other business today.
Below is a YouTube video of NBC4 news reporting on the Oscars and the issues that had come from the event and the protests that had occurred outside.

Here’s the views of the general public and those within the VFX industry in support of the VFX creatives out there today within tough times. This was launched in order to unite and gather people in an effort to bring to light the issues within the VFX industry as well as to show support.


This was a bit of a serious laugh and joke about how the VFX industry feel as though they are mistreated and people do not understand the time and talent it takes to do what they do.

Tribute to VFX artists by Roger Flambé from THURISTAR on Vimeo.

Finally for now here is an update and interview with Scott Squires around the issues raised and what was going on outside of the Oscars and why. It’s interesting to see how the media tried to ignore it so hard and that the Oscars tried to hide it so hard that it’s come out stronger and the story is becoming larger and larger.



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