Rough planning and organisation

With an idea in mind I had to move onto planning the entire animation and organising the people and things around me to prepare for the grilling next few months. Within this time I had decided that I was not going to go into more competitions unless they were really interesting or ones I really wanted to do so I could completely focus my time on this final major project.

I began by writing down everything I thought I would need sorted for me to write myself a brief and set tasks for individuals. This meant refining my idea further and taking it and the animation apart step by step. I first decided on what the story was going to roughly be set around once again and write down individual sections. I did so by firstly deciding why I wanted to do this animation, who the animation was for (choosing and aiming the animation at the right audience from the start so I could aim what style, approach and story I would make) and then what and how I would create the animation through.
Having an idea of what I wanted to do I then created a production list that I know I needed to do and create, this meant that I could also explain how I will create the animation in terms of its process for those who may not otherwise be use to the idea or understand the approach. Below is a scan of my original notes that I had quickly got down to understand what everything meant.


After sorting that out here is the brief that Liam Rushfirth had written for the group in order to formalise the brief and understand what he had to do within the layout that Graphic Design are used to. This was a great thing to start with as it meant I could see how the Graphics guys are used to working and what they expect from a ‘client’. This was an early format of the brief which was quickly created and shown below in a .pdf format.


Here’s one I then wrote up just before our first group meeting when I had decided on my ‘team’ or ‘crew’ for the animation and placed down their specialist area next to their names. This also showed the approach which I wanted to take and general information for everyone to understand what the animation is and what I want it to become.


I knew from laying out my idea that time wasn’t really on my side on this project so I had to try to structure it as appropriately as I could with so much going on at the start of the module. Here’s the timetable I created in excel in order to try to plan out my time but of course things have changed quite a lot since then but that part of the project I will develop later on.



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