Gaslight Games

Quiet recently I had the lovely pleasure of spending a few days at Gaslight Games who I had met at Bradford Animation Festival as they had shown their new game ‘Master of the Seven Teas’ at the small BAFter hours events.

I had chatted to Mark Jawdoszak who is Managing Director of Gaslight Games and was there with his college Helen who was nice enough to give me advice on my showreel and then discussed how they were wanting to get students and recent graduates in to the studio in order to gain experience and to give them the chance to experience the studio environment. Of course this all sounded very exciting and I jumped at the opportunity and later emailed them about when we were both free and chatted over the idea a few times via email and Skype.
It was great to have set the date and then I was able to head over to their studio in Bradford for a few days where they had set me tasks to do for their new game ‘Master of the Seven Teas’ and a future project. Originally they had asked me to re-animate some of the assets they had created for the MotST. I had actually completed all three of the animations they had wanted me to do within the first day of being in the studio, with it being made and animated in Maya it was a good refreshment and a nice way to practice everything I have learnt through traditional animation. It was great fun animating the characters thinking about how they would move within a 3D realm and not just as a flat image as well as practicing my skills and knowledge once again within Maya. The were of course restrictions to the animation there were needed due to it being a for a game, and they also needed to be able to loop and play at certain frame rates and layout. Once I had completed the animations, I was then set tasks on modelling and other small tasks to do with various projects. It was great to feel so included with them asking for ideas and feedback as well as giving me ideas and feedback, with my own computer and having been taught their system and network. It was actually incredibly interesting to see their internal network that they were using which they also looked at organising, passing all the information and dealing with the actual data.

Overall it was a really fun and interesting few days in which I was able to harness my skills and just have a good time putting them to use whilst learning a little bit about how they completed their projects and their approach and methods. Thankfully as well they had told me after the short work experience there, they would credit me in the game for animating which will mean my first credit toward a live game!
Below is a short Vimeo video of the game as it was earlier this year although a lot has changed now and they’ve developed the game even further. I can’t wait for the game to be out as it’s incredibly fun, addictive and quick and easy to play for everyone to get on!

Master of the Seven Teas – October 2012 from Mark Jawdoszak on Vimeo.


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