Final Major Project… go!

Here it is, my final major project!
I’ve already been working on my final major for a few weeks now but have been very behind on my blogging and updating information because I’ve just been so into doing the work. So here was the initial notes I wrote up about the story idea’s and why I would create this short piece of animation. I first needed to understand what the animation would do for me and what I wanted to show with it.


I already knew that with my final major project, I wanted to create a full piece of animation with colour, sound and narrative all involved. I wanted something that was worthy of animation festivals and competitions, and then something could display all the things I’ve learnt from amazing creatives, my time on DFGA, my personal development in hand drawn traditional animation and apply all that research.

Having understood what I needed to show within my animation, I then went on to think about what I wanted to create. I had now had tons of animations stuck in my mind over time that had great ideas or styles, these also had various stories and narrative approaches that I had always wanted to experiment with. I first had to decide on a main narrative and luckily I had been thinking about two major stories for a little while since working on my negotiated studies module.
The first story was set more around my Chinese heritage which I wanted to explore and expand further upon with characters I had begun to develop previously but never saw the light of day. The second was a story set around an imaginary world in which kids developed their own narrative attacking a castle fortress going on a wild adventure to only have the castle collapse on them and the smoke reveal a destroyed supermarket.

Already within the sheet below as soon as I began discussing ideas I started to draw and write down possible story structure. At first there was no key characters but a bunch of children in various outfits that would cause this havoc upon the store. But as I was talking about my idea to one of my family and saying about how I felt I needed to refine my idea and story in which he gave the great reply, “why not have them be lost?”.
This is when the main structure came about in which all the other pieces followed and where the story began to develop around that one idea which sparked off other meanings and ideas to build up the animation with.


I also had decided a while ago, that I wanted to create a piece of animation with a good team behind me. Having watched so many student animations with endless reels of names who had had their own impact upon the animation through their specialties. This was something that I had really wanted to also build upon within my animation as well as be able to create something truly memorable and fun for everyone. Working with other people from other courses has also been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time so tried to be very specific in asking certain friends and people I know to help me in creating the animation from other courses. This would in turn be able to help me create an amazing animation with a specialised team, but also to create a good bond between various courses and gain new skills and ideas from one another.
For this module though I had to specify exactly what role I would be taking, as well as what role the people helping would be taking. I needed to define where I cut off and define who’s role is who’s and why I chose these specific people. In my mind straight away I had drawn up this quick list below which has changed slightly but more specifically in their roles rather than who is in the list.


After asking if the people listed could do these specific roles I moved onto what the animation was once again, and then refined the crew list.


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