Wanting to work in film, games or animation?

Here’s some great advice for looking into working in film.
From talking to creatives, various events and discussions its very clear that those who have to deal with applications and creatives in general, have to go through hundreds of emails daily and it’s tough to stand out. This doesn’t help with bad emails, spamming the same email or having lots of errors. So here’s some help from skillset and the industry, so this is what they want.


Of course this isn’t the only advice out there on the internet, there are tons, but here’s two of the best places that I’ve found and told about.

Pixar Canada’s advice on demo reels,


Digital Tutors advice for both demo reel and portfolio,



Of course all of these will only take you so far, one thing that I have had drilled in to me these last few months is that it is not just what you can do, but who you know. The best advice I’ve ever had, I believe, is work hard and be nice to people.


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