Manchester Metropolitan University Animation

So I’ve pretty quiet on blogging recently and this is because of various events, work and lots of development with my final major project. But my time has been spent doing other creative things running around trying to be as busy as possible, here’s some work from not too long ago that I never got around to blogging until now.

I was asked by my friend at Manchester Met University to create a short animation which they had storyboarded and written up for one of their projects that was set to them in order to promote Fair Trade within their University. It was a very different project for me to do as I had yet to animate these forms of transitions and worked on someone elses creation.
It was great for communication and confidence in my practice as the team had left me with some creative freedom and had asked me about the process, time it would take and style. Below is a few versions I had done which I had then shown them for feedback and then the final version.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Final Version

MMU Fairtrade from Chris Luk on Vimeo.

There of course was a few more versions in between but the main points of development occurred through these pieces of animation. I do miss certain parts I spent a long time that were cut from the original development, but they didn’t fit in the time frame and where not needed in the end so I didn’t dwell on the matter for too long and went to try to develop the other pieces to higher level.
Within this I also developed my understanding of animating within Photoshop which I now prefer to Flash, so if I got the chance again I would re-do this within Photoshop.

Overall the girls got 80% on the project and came second place in their internal competition, which won them a lovely gift basket and a wine tasting session! So fun times all around and some interesting and cool project which I’m pretty happy to have been a part of.
Since finishing the animation it’s been passed around the Fair Trade twitter world but otherwise was more of a development rather than a large live brief although I would class it as one of the toughest.


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