What do I do?

For this module, I have to specify who I am, what I do and just figuring out my future.
Here’s my positioning statement which I wrote up which outlines these mains points…

I am an animator and illustrator based in Leeds. Specialising in character animation within traditional hand drawn, computer based 2D, 3D or stop motion animation; I aim to bring characters to life through animated movement. Within my Foundation Degree and final year of my top year Degree in Digital Film, Games & Animation, I have mainly focused on traditional hand drawn animation. By developing my understanding of hand drawn animation, I have been able to experiment and grow to expand my understanding of traditional methods, approaches and emotions through each piece of paper. By having this grounding of traditional animation, I have been able to apply the ability to break down, organise and create animations through exaggerated observation into various projects and mediums. As well as being a lover of animation, I do a lot of gaming, graffiti illustration, rock climbing and a few other outdoor activities. My main passion and past time however revolves around my desire to work within animation. I spend a lot of time watching various pieces of animation, from student work to feature films, to try and understand their methods and break down their animations in order to improve my own work and have fun! Within my future, I hope to one-day work in an animation company although I am still not certain whether or not to approach animation within games, having looked into the practice and tried it at a basic level. At this current moment in time, I mainly aim towards developing my animation language further through improving my observation and drawing skills and meeting more creatives.


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