Tips from Pixar Canada

The above link, is something I came across a little while ago where Pixar Canada have laid out some great advice and tips upon making a demo reel and showing off your work. The main tips are common comments I’ve gotten from other creatives when asking for advice but is also interesting for the creative practice. When looking specifically at the animation one, when put with the above (general) information it seems like a good advice upon process as well as looking at creating demo reels.

As we’re on the lines of Canada, it’s a country that I’ve had my eye on for a while now as a growing creative place to be. I’ve been pretty interested in moving over in the long run and seeing what sort of opportunities there would be out there as more and more interesting things seem to appear in the US or Canada. But this is a very long-term and ‘in the air’ idea, but here’s some information I was shown by Dan when talking about the thought of going over,
This looks into more of the technical issues of going over and working there though the Canadian government website.


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