Matt Saunders aka Rabbit Portal

This was meant to be posted back in November but sadly kept getting put back through bad planning but here is the post about when he came in and had a bit of a talk with us!
I’ve spoken about Matt now a few times recently because of the work that I was able to do with him, but he had also just come in to talk to us as a creative about his past, where he is now and advice. I met awhile ago at various events and it’s refreshing to see people from Leeds, and people I know, develop and create amazing work for such a variety of clients. Underneath are the notes I was taking whilst he was talking about his experiences, work and tips around going towards freelancing.

smaller festivals and little competitions
luckily getting into job post editing and working with various people keeping open
looking for work around
got into illustration, from there working 8 till 6 then go draw and network
mixed media work
San Fransisco after talking to old contacts working, events and different things
came back for inkygoodness in london then joined an illustration agency
at the time it seemed as though joining one was the right thing to do, but it doesn’t give you lots of jobs but it does help and give you credit etc
make a contract etc
commercial work to get paid
using work you’ve created or done that may apply to others and use for them
moving around going from London to Brighton and meeting other people and ringing up people near by
illustration as a calling card for animation and moving image
working with others and allowing people to help each other
find things and being playful getting off the computers and doing something different
taking breaks and getting something different
because of being freelance trying different avenues and doing different versions of illustrations

looking at working with people
being careful of people who don’t have a clear outline or idea
communication working clearly and setting out what for and when and to do what
working for various people again
helping and working within studio houses ‘the neighbourhood’ working in an open plan office communicating
working in various and a large amount of areas like short with Lucas Film, TED, etc
try different things, be versatile looking at different people
make sure showreel is short, best work and a little bit but not all of it

remember to keep networking and not relying on magic emails
make an effort
Ira Glass on storytelling part 3 of 4


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