Leeds Young Authors

I got the amazing pleasure of getting to meet some of Leeds Young Authors and being asked to help Rachel Thomson and Sophie Marschner produce some short animations for them which they plan to use at an event in remembrance of David Oluwale.
Here’s some information about who David Oluwale was, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Oluwale

Rachel was kind enough to ask me to be involved with some animations that the group plan to use within the performance as well as some that they will be projecting onto the side of the venue building. The projection will be organised and done by Sophie who has already began to experiment with projection art and has created some great out comes which I’ve since wanted to also play with using her talents. As well as myself, Rachel had asked Hannah McCann and Sacha Frampton to also help animate for the event which will encompass general vibes from the poems, the actual history about Oluwale and other elements that the team had chosen to fit the placing and moment of the event.

Going to visit some of the young authors and sit in to one of the sessions was truly breath-taking. The level of passion, soul and skill that the kids had been something I never expected or realised, something that I couldn’t even compare too when writing. Hopefully the animations will be at the level that the writing is and the two art forms will compliment and expand each others reach.
It’s a great little project to be on with a real meaning, purpose and with such natural animations that are needed. I can’t wait to get on with more of the animations and working with Rachel, Sophie, Hannah and Sacha so far has been great. The level of passion and the crazy ideas always come to something truly exciting and interesting when we’ve been bashing our heads together so far. It’s been nice to work with other people with a different take and approach to their work that I am not used to. Hopefully we’ll have something to put out and show very soon as we’ve already broken down the animations and who’s doing what but still helping each other out and playing around.

Here’s some of the first notes I scribbled down in our first big meeting with the organisers.

If you’d like to check out more from Leeds Young Authors be sure to visit their website which I have linked below.


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