Liam Rushfirth

Recently I have been trying to involve myself with different projects cross College and outside of College. With this particular project Liam, who is a third year BA(Hons) Graphic Design student was thankfully pointed towards me in order to animate characters which at first had yet to be decided or really worked on as Liam had wanted input from the animator as well.

To start the project off we had a few meetings to discuss ideas and what Liam’s brief was about and what, at that time, was needed to be delivered or created. The meetings came fairly regularly but were not something we both prioritized due to other modules or things going on. After we figured out what we were creating and what Liam needed, as seen above, we had gone through some of the ideas and the general process that I would have normally taken to create an animation and get an idea of the personality and type of character we would be creating.

Once we had these meetings finished we were both sadly busy with other more important projects in terms of hand in dates and marks, as well as my Independent Practice Module. Once I had completed that module I went straight onto animating the two characters of Link and Ganondorf whose personalities had swapped. We decided to show this using both the design of the characters and environment and the movement, this was looked at through some idea sessions we had which moved onto a short animatic I had time to create for Ganondorf’s skip cycle. The idea behind the two animations where just to show a quick way in which the characters may move and react to a certain object, in this case being the flower.


Above is a screenshot whilst I was working on the animation within Flash but having both Photoshop and Illustrator open in order to work with the assets that Liam had drawn for the animation and then sorting out the background within Photoshop. This was all just before I put it all together within After Effects which really did take a toll on my mac!


Here is a screenshot of the timeline within Flash of the start of the animation for Ganondorf which captures a lot of his skip cycle and then where it starts to ease into the flower picking moment. I did have to sort out the vector images and organise and label them all appropriately which sped up my work flow and made me feel more at ease. Something I really picked up with this short project is just how important time management, file management and sharing files through things like dropbox, really is. It’s something that gets mentioned a lot around College but it became incredibly important and something that at the start took a lot of time out before I could animate.
The animations where never planned to be anything extremely well rendered or lengthy so it wasn’t too bad to say I only had less than a day with animating and sorting it all out, not including the actual meetings and discussions before hand. For what Liam wanted, I believe I created what was needed although I would like to just finish off and sort out the animations if I have time. Here are the two animations below where I actually learnt a lot again not having done a skip before as well as having to bring all the practices and techniques I’ve learnt from paper based animation back to Flash which I hadn’t touched for a very long time.



Be sure to check out Liam’s work! Here’s a link to his deviantART gallery and then his Graphic Design study blog where you can choose which are to look at in particular.


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