The Beauty and the Beast

I’ve looked into a fair bit of Beauty and the Beast here’s a great short talk on some of the work behind the film as well as the fact he does, in a crazy American voice over voice, say about believable characters and design to animation.

4 minutes and 45 seconds into the short, he mentions about one way in which they made the objects come to life. Although not incredibly insightful, it’s a great short look into a little bit of the back work into an animation I’ve mentioned a lot within this module. I did actually use this short to just try to look at how each of the animators work and to look at the pencil tests they created. As each animator works differently, I’m sure there isn’t a way you are meant to animate, but it would be a good idea to see how some of my favourite animators do it in order to see the how they work and develop that into my own method. Already I noticed things I should be doing or have been doing even with little things like how much you use the actual light with the lightbox or pencils, colours, placing and just workspace ideas and layout.

These are absolutely brilliant…


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