Princess and the Frog

Whilst going around once again through one of my many journeys through YouTube and other websites looking at animation related content, I came across these short videos which have some of the great Disney animators and character designers talking shortly about their work in order to create some of the characters within Diney’s Princess and the Frog.
It’s clear how much each of the animators and designers have gotten into to the character they’ve been animating and developing within this pace of time in which they create the entire film. I enjoy the mention and look back at all the reference and tests they had done and what to concentrate on when drawing these characters. I feel as though all the work that we have been molded to do naturally are coming into action and these things are done through out industry, old or new practice.
These are two very good videos to check out, just to see the enthusiasm these guys have as well as watching them work and understand why they created the characters like they did.


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