Nothing but amazing from Ryan Woodward

Surfer Animation Test from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

I have mentioned Ryan Woodward before in previous modules, I know this because some of his animations are my most favourite animations out there but I digress. I saw this ‘surfer’ short not too long ago and wanted to focus on mentioning this style of animation that Ryan seems to create quite a lot within his animations. It almost reminds me of Chuck Jones’ ‘limited animation’ but I, as some other people out there, don’t like the name limited animation for this sort of style. When I say limited animation, what I mean is the idea of pulling out the drawing and character through a number of frames from key pose to key pose. By doing this there is a longer time focusing on the actual key movements within the animation and then showing a sense of urgency and speed through the action. I think though that Ryan has taken this and slightly manipulated it so that it is ‘smoother’ for his animations. He always follows this curve within the animation and within the character that flows through the animation.
I don’t think you actually see a perfectly straight line within his animations either as they all seem to direction towards the movement and they all flow into the next frame and key pose. I really enjoy the way in which Ryan also keeps to this very sepia and hand drawn style but keeping up with the availability to a new type of animation through technological means. It’s a very rough animation style and not actually incredibly detailed, but it gives the viewer just enough information to ‘fill in the gaps’ and look at the animation as a full piece. I do think I need to experiment more and look into more animations to develop an understanding of interaction and reaction to people and environments. This of course can only be obtained through more research and more observation.


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