Chuck Jones – The dot and the line

This is an absolutely lovely animation directed by the one and only Chuck Jones about a dot and a line. I had actually never seen this before Bradford Animation Festival this year when Valerie Kausen, Chuck Jones’s granddaughter, was having a talk with Professor Paul Wells as she discussed Chuck Jones’ past work and the way in which he had effected her and all the people who see his work today and back then. I wrote in detail about that day back in my previous blog posts about Bradford Animation Festival where I broke down each day.

It’s amazing how much character can be created and built around these incredibly simple shapes by changing them ever so slightly to show their mood, thought or an action. Something that I found very interesting about the animation is that although anyone could say that it’s brilliant because of who created and worked on it, but it’s also beautiful because of how subtly played with the shapes and animated the actual staging rather than just the characters. Although I do love the voice over or the narrator who tells the story, after speaking to Mike it became quite apparent that even though he tells you the story, you don’t actually need the sound to see that these simple shapes are animated with character and purpose. You realise after watching the animation that even a line can have a direction of movement and its own reasoning. You could say that this is a masterclass in the basics of how to bring life to a simple shape through very simple but incredibly effective well-timed and staged means.

“To the vector belong the spoils”


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