Bravest Warriors

I love Pendelton Ward and his mad animation, characters and drawing style, and as most of you know I am pretty obsessed with Adventure Time which was his major animation hit which is on Cartoon Network.
As a lot of people know, Pendleton didn’t of course just create Adventure Time and now has another animation which has recently come out named ‘Bravest Warriors’, the plot?

“The series follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions.”

You could say something that is quite a bit different to Adventure Time with its actual storyline but it still has all the fun, humour and craziness that is so loved within Adventure Time. I don’t want to say much more as it’s something I’m sure you’ll all just have to check out and if you haven’t seen Adventure Time either, you must. But far from just ‘fandoying’ over the work of Pendleton, I’ve really enjoyed the fact that they have put the animations onto YouTube as well as putting up a lot of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ and animatics that were used before creating the final animation. It’s always interesting to see how the industry implements all the things we’ve been taught and are now used to doing. This line of process is becoming more clear as we see how they are applied and professionally used, this includes the standard and clarity of the techniques and in this case drawings and directions.
It’s great to put both side to side so I decided to put both videos within the blog post for you all to enjoy. It’s also nice to see what changed and how things actually do change between planning and animating.


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