Art Of Animation

With this post I just wanted to look and compare a broken down pencil test which the amazing Milt Kahl had done for Sword In the Stone to where I am at the moment.

Of course I can’t really compare the two so well simply because Milt Kahl had many more years of experience and had so many different life experiences than I have had so far. But looking at just a few parts or at least a lot of the main key frames, you see just how much understanding of movement and subtlety they had each in line they draw. Something I had to get use to quite quickly again was the actual thought of breaking things down into tiny movements throughout the 24 frames to make the second, you can see in some of my tests that I had lost where I was sometimes with the speed.
Looking at the use of the sheet and what sort of things are written on them show how much detail and care was placed into every single drawing which is something that you clearly develop as you gain more experience and have more time to do these images, although I’m sure they didn’t actually have that much time! I did try to use more classic means of looking at arcs and timing with the line bars you see going down the sheet with a few short lines going through them, but I kept a lot of it on the dope sheets.


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