Trying to think Interior Design

Whilst maneuvering myself around the world of the library I have looked for a few books around the area of interior design in order to help me with the design of the background image for the animation.
Due to the interior design course within the College I knew there was going to be a wealth of information within the library whether it would be specific product designs or if it would be focusing on an entire space or room.

There were three books that really became useful but only two of them were relevant to the design of the shape and layout of the kitchen set up I had in mind for the animation. One of the books was ‘Designing Interiors’ by W. Otie Kilmer and Rosemary Kilmer which contains a lot more detailed explanation of the layout of rooms and items within those rooms. The other book was ‘Living Large in Small Space’ by Marisa Bartolucci and Radek Kurzaj which took a lot more of a stylistic approach to interior design where they look at the aesthetics and ergonomics within the design within a small space as the title suggests. I’ve never actually taken the time to look into the process and some of the large amount of thought that goes into the design and layout of interiors. What I would have been interesting is to be able to get more information from my cousin about the sort of way she would approach the design of a kitchen in terms of an industry level perspective, this is due to her being an interior designer in Edinburgh.
But I didn’t really want to delve too much into focusing too much on the design rather than the actual animating as I already didn’t have a lot of time to create the animations as it was. So after looking at the basic details into the general layout of a kitchen, I drew up a very simple kitchen with all of its basic necessities from looking at the detailed explanations from the first book and then trying to create some form of simple design or style from examples within the second book. Above are some of the photocopies I had taken of certain pages from both books that I found interesting or influential to the design of the kitchen the juicer will sit in, separated by a photocopy of the book covers.


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