Time Time Time…

My use of time through out this module has been less than perfect…
As it’s most noticeable from my blog, I’ve clearly been what some may say ‘all over the place’ within the time of this module. Although things like Bradford Animation Festival were planned, I had not realised until later on in this module how much I had taken on with module work and outside projects. Although I have had a lot to do everything I’ve been able to do or get involved in have been worth all the incredibly long hours and very late nights. The build of work has definitely increased in a great way and it seems I’ll be able to keep myself very nice and busy doing different things. It’s been great to actually get out, meet and work with new people as well as being able to do a variety of things compared to other years where I was focused on learning and developing within the studio or classroom environment.
I have spent an incredible amount of time on the actual animating though of the three short animations which I have done a lot faster than I realised I actually could do. Although there are things I would love to ‘tweek’ and certain actions I may play around with, the actual progression from my first hand drawn animation tests have given me confidence even if it was quite a painful one!

There were a few technical and my own mistakes that sadly brought the project back a few steps but overall I had only really lost a few hours over the last month due to those sort of mistakes.
With Dragon Stop Motion I believe I’ve gotten a better grip of the software and doing the music video with Matt Saunders did help an incredible amount with that. The issues that arose with Dragon where mainly frames missing from when I had captured an image or setting suddenly changing whilst taking images. I’m still unsure as to why these issues actually occurred but I had to either insert the missing frame by re-taking that one drawing or if the issue was the frames changing drastically or settings changing I would have to completely re-take the entire part. This did teach me to start thinking about sectioning the animation up into parts and therefore having a less chance of having issues with the entire image sequence which would result in me having to take the entire thing again.


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