Quentin Blake ‘Beyond the page’

Quentin Blake is an incredibly well known illustrator and children’s author, probably best known for his illustration of books written by Roald Dahl.
Although this is fairly different to actually animating, I believe that some of the points that Quentin mentions are quite important to character illustration and therefore important to the line work and technique towards animation.

2 minutes in…
feeling the body and the gesture

I was shown this by Sacha Frampton and as I’ve, as pretty much every child must have, seen a lot of his illustrations from the Roald Dahl books I was already interested in how he creates these illustrations. Before I had never thought about looking for a ‘behind the scenes’ style video or looked for an interview with illustrators and animators so it was great to have a childhood favourite appear in front of me. It was interesting to see his approach to illustration even for animation due to his style and simplicity within each drawing. Within the short video he does mention about a lot of the points I’m speaking about within this post, but it’s lovely to hear how he has such a vivid grasp of colours and wild ink filled lines to create lovely curves and shapes to give not just full characters or worlds but an impression, allowing viewers to use their imagination.


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