Felix the Cat

The reason why I’ve been looking at Felix is due to the time in which he really grew as a character and began to see the real world. At the point in which Felix came into the world of animation was for him, a perfect time in which he was one of the most famous and first well known animated characters with his extremely exaggerated and playful animation and humorous and fun narrative.
The reason I’ve been looking up Felix and animation around this time also is due to the point in which ‘rubber hose’ animation became quite apparent and with the development of animation at that time, it was the animated style of animating you’d expect until Walt Disney’s decision to step away from this in favour of looking towards realism.


Below is some of Felix the Cats animation from 1928, where you can clearly see the difference and development within animation and where it has come today from where it was in 1928. This is the extreme of where exaggerated animation could go with the way in which Felix is constantly squashed and stretched with very extreme key poses. His actions are very clear and simple, one could say that his movement seems a little slower or there seems to be less inbetween frames due to the clarity that the animator wishes to show with Felix’s next and current movement. The staging is very simple and straight forward and this may be due to the actual variety and experimenting there was at that time with animation as it was still fairly new. Everything that Felix does and thinks is very clearly shown to the audience from when he picks the flower for the ladies ‘dress’ to when he reacts to things around him pointing or simply looking towards the audience. Some of this is due to the design of Felix which is incredibly simple and stark because it is just black against white.

The way in which Felix may influence my work is due to the extreme difference and longer stretches of time with movement and staging that isn’t seen as much these days within animation. I also find it hilarious how much they love to make Felix take himself apart using his own body parts or colour to add more character to the animation or simply play with the idea of what’s going on or what may be next.


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