After doing a little bit of extra research looking into the actual theory and design level into laying out the kitchen, I had drawn some initial very rough sketches of possible layouts and thinking about what I may need within my kitchen. The first image within the gallery below is of the rough sketches I had done whilst looking through the references and research I had found around the design of a kitchen.

I had at first planned for a fairly modern kitchen but the issue with this is that it would be a very simple and solid colour environment which would be less effective for my animation which I had planned for within my self set brief. From the initial design I then moved onto quick rough sketches of the layout and how it would sit for the animation. This meant I had to think about the composition and the action of the camera and where and what the camera will see.
From there I used the rough drawings and the original design drafts to create a very simple background which I had first tried to hand paint at that point the paintings weren’t working so I stuck to using Photoshop to colour in. Once I had organised and coloured in the background I then placed it into After Effects to layer it into the drawn frames of the animation.


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