Animators stop watch

I came across this lovely little ‘animation stop watch’ whilst traveling the world wide web going from link to link when I was looking at animation websites.

It’s quite an interesting and quirky little thing to use! Although I haven’t actually used it for exactly what is was created for but it was really interesting to see and was quite nice just to look at how many frames you would need for various things and working it out from the seconds.

Here’s how it tells you how to use the application,
“Use this very accurate free stopwatch to time the events you wish to animate. Begin by typing in the framerate you desire in the F.P.S. (Frames Per Second) box… Once this is done you can time any action (like the bouncing of a ball) using the Start/Stop button… The result will display how many Seconds the action took and the number of Frames that you must draw to animate the timed action at the selected framerate. Enjoy!”

You do get quite a shock when you realise exactly how many frames it actually does take to create a few seconds of animation at 24 fps. Although you can work it out quite easily with a calculator it’s a little bit more exciting watching the numbers run across!


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