Story of a sentry

Here’s a great little Machinima animation created by Youtuber Soimon, which was shown to me by Jake which at the time reminded him of my independent practice module.

The short Machinima follows the story of a sentry and its loving creator the engineer. Although the animation if mainly told through the animation of the human characters from the game, the sentry is kept constrained to its structure and build thorough the animation. I really like the way in which Soimon has animated the sentry to appear as a cross between loyal pet dog and hamster like animal. The reason for comparing the animation of the sentry to a dog’s movement is quite common but apparent in its attitude towards the engineer when it presses its head against his side (1.27), or the way in which it ‘looks’ at other characters and reacts to things like running out of bullets and the enemy coming closer and closer (1.44). The reason for linking the sentry to a hamster like creature is due to its almost comical speed and constant reactions to its environment. Overall the machinima is a good animation to look at to look at for reacting to other characters and environment whilst keeping a very constrained shape to the character as it stays the same shape and size through a more contemporary means of animation.


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