Sound – Why so slow?

The sound for my animation in the end was taken from the 11 Second Club animation website. I spoke before about why I had to go with one of these sounds rather than searching for one in the end, but not why I chose this particular sound.

Below is a link to the competitions archive and the sound I had chosen was the March 2012 sound clip.

I had previously downloaded all the old competition sounds in order to animate to them in my own time and they’re useful because they’re already segmented and they seem to always choose a fairly interesting sound clip from various films and other areas. I went through each sound clip one by one before choosing the March competition sound clip. I had already decided I wanted to go with something that is a lot more of a slower pace to the sound. I aimed for something slightly slower because I wanted to build up my animation skills when animating the ‘slow moments’ or the moments when nothing is actually happening. This was something that was mentioned at the Canterbury Anifest in which they mentioned about showing the understanding of a character, the object and staging. It’s very clear that I have still a lot to learn but this is just one of the areas I wish to develop.


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