Overlapping in After Effects

Previously I spoke about doing tests in which I would overlap frames in order to be more efficient with my animating as well as keeping things that stay still constant. The first time I tested out the idea was with the constrained animation were I had simply taken images of three of the drawings in my room using my phone camera.
Now I know that overlaying will work and that it was actually quite simple, I went ahead and draw a lot of the animation out or would could be overlayed. I took the images of the frames in separate parts which I had labelled on my dope sheets for each animation with the constrained animation having the least parts as I didn’t need to separate the animation as much as the other two animations needed.
Above are some screenshots of me working with one of the parts of the animation with the sound in After Effects. Once I had imported the image sequence and changed the frame rate of the sequence to 24 frames per second, I then placed the sequences into the timeline with the composition set at 1920 x 1080. I then layered up the images and placed them in place so I could easily just turn on the ‘multiply’ effect on the top layer which I have shown on the second image. This is effect makes it so the layer with the ‘multiply’ effect on becomes transparent and allows the image below to show through but keeping the darkest parts of the image solid. Once I had this though the lighting and quality of the image changed and I had to then edit the layers so that they matches, as much as possible, to the rest of the drawings.


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