Cars and Robots

A lot of the influence on the humanisation animation of my juicer characters, once you see it it’ll become more apparent, came from mainly two animations, Pixar’s Cars (2006) and Blue Sky Studios Robots (2005).

Cars Trailer

Robots Trailer

The reason I looked at Cars was because of its limited humanisation of the cars even though they do exaggerate the movements into a human like form or movement. It only really makes the eyes which is replaced from the windscreen and mouth which is replaced from the fender, into something reminiscing of a human. It’s mouth shapes are completely exaggerated to mimic the human mouth exactly without keeping to its actual real structure and that stays constant throughout the entire body of each car. They also go as far as to add teeth and a tongue in order to make the cars more relate-able and make it more humanised. This design of course was influenced by an older Disney animation but they had taken this design and placed it towards a various car designs with a rough keep on the material but still keeping towards the character. It’s an interesting mix of exaggeration but making the entire body and creating a face to give the character human features.

With Robots what’s interesting is that the only part that is actually exaggerated is the mouth or bottom part of the ‘head’, the rest of the body and head are kept rigid to the actual object other than the joints of course and other parts that come loose or disconnect. There is a slight use of exaggeration now and again but nothing as constant or as extreme as the squashes and stretches that you could see within Pixar’s Cars. The design of the characters is something that reminded Matt and myself of the juicer that I have been animating which led me onto looking at why certain features were created and put onto the Robots characters within the animated film. The main thing I know I had to include with the characters is the eyes and play with the mouth or create a recognisable ‘face’. From the studies I’ve done before and from the short experience I’ve had of animating faces I realised that the eyes must have a form of eyebrows and preferably eyelids. When you watch either Robots or Cars, although in the real world you know that these objects don’t have any form of eyebrows or eyelids, these are incredibly important features to have on a character in order to show to the audience the characters emotions, thoughts and perception or where they’re even looking! I took a lot more of the design of the characters from Robots rather than Cars due to fact that I was creating a set of eyes and adding these features to the character rather than extending or exaggerating features the juicer already has.


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