Snoopy Vs The Chair!

Something that was quite luckily brought to my attention last night is a brilliant little short from the original Snoopy animations which Laika had actually tweeted about due to it being one of their favourite 2D animations.

As soon as you watch the animation you relate back to a very classic image of Snoopy due to its style and appearance. I really enjoy how they did ‘humanise’ the chair although they didn’t go as far as you add any very defining features like eyes or mouth per say, but they made parts of the chair that people would could easily relate to as an arm or a foot. These seemed to be added only to exaggerate the position and movement of the body, in order to show the drastic change in the chairs mood and how its ‘body’ position and stance shows it to be ready for a fight. The animation seems fairly ‘rough’ but for the time it worked very well for the audience it was intended for, this also explains why the action and main key moments act one after another with little to no pause. It’s fast paced action means that it wouldn’t lose the attention of any of the viewers as well as showing the brutality of the chair against poor old Snoopy.
It’s quite interesting to see the line of action and curves that they give the chair as well towards Snoopy which always seem to look down on him and after watching it a few times, the line of the bottom of the ‘face’ of the chair always falls in line with Snoopys head. I believe that this is done to give the idea of the threat towards Snoopy. You can also see the re-use of frames and actions to enforce the key points within the animation which builds up the anticipation and acts on the right timing. Of course the animation is extremely exaggerated with the animation style keeping to a very fast and ‘cartoon’ style that Chuck Jones had developed with the stretched out bodies and clouds to show the speed and amplify the motion.


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