Looking toward the real

I’ve been focusing a lot on trying to animate myself as well as the character to capture the realism within my drawings. As well as acting things out in front of a mirror and saying words over and over again thinking about its action, timing, stretch and general movement, with this project there’s been a heavier influence on real life understanding.
From the advice and knowledge I’ve gained from Bradford Animation Festival specifically from animators such as Will Becher and Joanna Quinn, I understand why it’s so important to act things out and understand how things would work in real life and then adding the exaggeration or ‘animators touches’ to bring a bit more life into the action. It’s something I never really did as I didn’t feel comfortable with being so expressive with myself, maybe feeling a little silly, but it is a necessity to do so. By acting so many things out myself I’m able to do as Robert Morgan had mentioned when talking to me at BAF and getting really into the character and understanding them and therefore understanding the movement. Remembering of course that animators are actors but use the characters we animate as the performers.

Underneath are some images I had to take to understand the 3D aspect of the movement and see how things would appear if looking from one angle. As I don’t have the actual juicer or the expense to purchase one just for this module, I had to make do with the pencil I was drawing with, blue tack and a pair of scissors. This meant it was a similar shape to the juicer just so I could get an idea of the way it would appear and although I had, in my mind, a general idea of how it would look I’m glad I did do this very simple test. By looking at these I understood what would stay put and how I could show various parts changing or moving. If I had done it the way I thought it would look, it would have been totally off and pretty terrible!


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