Free Zine Fair

Sadly this is a fairly late post but I had recently gone to a Leeds Zine Fair which was placed in Wharf Chambers and Mexico in Leeds. It was a great day with lots on and some amazing untapped artists!

Although I hadn’t expected to actually purchase much if anything on the day but once I had arrived and looked around, I couldn’t help myself as there was so much amazing ‘eye candy’ as well as the understanding for the time and effort the various artists clearly put into their work. It was nice to speak to so many different creatives within one place especially as they all did different things and there were writers and poets there also. One thing that I realised whilst there was that, I find, there is always a struggle for animators to find something to animate that isn’t their own narrative so it was interesting to hear what the writers and poets thought about working with animators.

It was great to see some Leeds Art College Alumni there as well with some amazing work with the standard that you would expect from LCA. Underneath is a, not so great (sorry), image of a bunch of stuff I had bought and grabbed at the fair without an image of the amazing posters I also bought. It’s always great to see and appreciate other creatives work in something that you don’t really understand such as graphics as there is such a large area to understand, learn and specialise in.

Here’s a link to the website for more information on what went on at the fair as well as other events.


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