Animations to look out for and analyse!

This is just a quick blog post to mention two animations I’ve been looking at a lot recently, watching over and over again to analyse its movements, timing and character development. The main focus and reason for looking at these animations are because of the simple characters and design. Because of their simple design there needs to be more of a focus on how the characters are animated to create a believability and allow the characters to have a personality, without this sort of attention the characters won’t have their own lives.

Chop Chop by Bird Box Studio.

This lovely little animation was brought to my attention when someone had showed me some of Bird Box Studio’s other work in which they animated some very simple characters again in a hand drawn style in a humorous manner but well-timed and thought out. I really love the animations that Bird Box are creating because of their simplicity but incredible attention to subtle details and the way they use squash and stretch, secondary actions and timing. The style of animation is something that reminds me of Chuck Jones with its timing and wit although the type of line work and characters are different. The level of detail is something that I really wish to get too but I feel as though this can only be achieved by doing the short animations that focus on animation in its simplest form in which I can’t hide behind any style of drawing, medium or high amounts of action. I also like this an example of the rough but still refined visual of animation with its ‘sketchy’ outlines and water-colour style backgrounds but the animation is developed enough to be finalised.

Dumb Ways to Die

Although I still can’t seem to find out who did the animation, I do know that the animation was done for Metro Trains for their campaign in Train safety and awareness. It’s been spread throughout the world and recently turned ‘viral’ at least it seems as though with over 21 million views on YouTube. The reason I’ve been focusing on this animation is not just its catchy tunes and cute characters, but looking into the design of the characters and then the implementation of the very important and some what dark meaning. Even though the animation is nothing ‘ground breaking’ the style of animation fits very well with the characters and has a lot of focus on the correct timing and staging of the actions which fit perfectly with the music. Once again it’s this focus on timing and animating to sound that I really need to develop and build upon as style and different ways to animate can always come to me later.


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