Constrained, Exaggerated and Humanised Juicers

Here are some of the images from the practical side of the brief that I have been doing towards the juicer character. These are the general character sheets and rough drawings I’ve done so far so I can start to animate them. With the drawings I tried to look at some of the early ways I could animate them, dissect them and look at them in a few different angles.

Here are the starting drawings for the ‘constrained’ juicer character.

‘Exaggerated’ juicer character.

‘Humanised’ juicer character.

I decided which sound clip I am going to use within the short animation character development tests, which I had chosen from the sound clips I had taken off of 11 second club. I decided to use a slow-paced dialogue and something that is kind of related to the actual object. The reason I chose to use something a little bit slower is because after listening to all the talks from industry professionals as well as the general chats I’ve been able to have so far with various animators, being able to animate something when not much is going on can be very hard and important too. Timing and these ‘slower’ or more subtle moments are something that I really wish to improve on.
Here’s one of the dope sheets I have written out for the constrained animation, the others will have a similar layout but the actual details within the Action and some of the other boxes will vary as I move onto the other animations.

Here’s where I just tested out my dope sheet and did a quick block layout animation test within Toon Boom which I’m just starting to get use too. It’s very similar to Flash but made that little bit more for animation with features that I still need to learn and understand. The animation run through is incredibly simple and blocky but it gives me an idea of how it may look as well as some of the key frames within the animation before I have to commit anything to paper.


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