Street puppet performance

This may seem a little odd but as I’ve been looking at animating in-animate objects, as I came across this on Youtube, as you do, I thought to myself ‘what a great example of animating with constraints’.
Looking at how the puppeteer uses the puppets weight and string to create a believable and fun character whilst being obviously fake and held by the string is an interesting thing to consider when animating. Although you do tend to use more of your imagination looking at these, due to the fact you can see how it’s done and so obviously, its great to see the amount of effect and creativity the puppeteer must give to the character before it’s humorous and alive!
It’s also great reference to use for the joint movements and just the to think about how gravity works. On another completely different link, this made me also think about Pinocchio. Why Pinocchio came to mind is because he, of course, is a puppet and they animate him in that way at the start but then they need to animate a living puppet after the introduction to Pinocchio. They still make him move like a puppet, even when he walks he still moves like a puppet and a normal living being could walk in the manner that they made Pinocchio walk. In some ways he is also an example of animating and in-animate object but with humanisation.


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