Schoolism – The Perfect Bait Audiobook

This is a great little video by Bobby Chiu of a warmup painting demo with an excerpt about ‘motivation for artists’ from “The Perfect Bait” audiobook. Posted by Schoolism, this is a great little video inspiring and giving thought to the level and approach of work that we all think, but never really consider or look into enough.

For those who don’t know, Schoolism is an online school for creatives. With speakers and teachers from all over the world from all sorts of backgrounds and within different parts of the industry. You need to sign up but it has a ton of great information, teachers and so much more, it’s very inspiring and informative and although I don’t actually, or have yet, pay for any lessons as such, I am signed up and get information about interviews, events and other bits of information. I was told about Schoolism awhile back when I started talking to a very talented animation student over finding each other on YouTube.
Be sure to check out Schoolism through the link below,
And be sure to check out Einav Deri’s blog as she has now graduated and is a whole new world!

The inspirational video talks over usual fears and issues that a lot of creatives have, these issues and fears I still have now and always come back to think about. They may be seem like common sense answers or method of speaking about it but not many people truly think about it or even look at it in the same manner. As well as good advice it does give you the sense of placing and admitting that everyone has been or is also having the same issues you have and this is a good way of getting over those problems. The painting demo is also good to watch and nice to see the process and way in which Bobby uses Sketchbook Pro and thinking about how to develop and try out these methods to create my own pieces of illustration.

At 5.43 into the video it actually goes onto talking about the Schoolism work shops which sadly I have missed this year but hold a lot of great promise. I’m tempted to later get some specific classes with Schoolism as it really has helped a lot of people with understanding and developing their skills. I’ll also be looking into more of these audiobooks which I have skipped with the video above with part 5.
Here’s a link to part 1.


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