The Real Bears

The Real Bears – DC from Lucas Zanotto on Vimeo.

This is a great animation that Mike had told me about not so long ago which has actually spread recently and showed up on a lot of art websites. The animation was created for a campaign to reduce the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks, for the Center for Science in the Public Interest created by Lucas Zanotto and his team. Set around a family of Polar bears they feel and see the outcomes of having too many sugary drinks and falling into the world of consumption and profit.
With a hard-hitting purpose, it’s interesting to see the way in which Lucas had decided to tackle this with a very clean and simple animation that has a slight hint of humour and softness that you wouldn’t usually expect.

It’s simplicity comes around from its subtle movements and use of line to bold shapes and full colours. It doesn’t complicate the animation using too much and over exaggerating the movement of the round and fluid characters. Something that I must also focus on which was some feedback I got back from some of my own animation, I may have to consider how much is over exaggerating within my own animations. The shapes and lines flow through the animation but still bounce a long in a humourous and characteristic manner that shows the emotion and narrative even though there isn’t many features or much of a face. This is where the weight and the size of the characters are used to the advantage of the animation and show the movement.

It’s a good example of taking time over an animation even as simple as this and something I must consider when creating these ‘test’ animations but as I create more developed animations.


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