Living Lines and the Magic Carpet

I came across the website Living Lines awhile ago looking for concept art and pencil tests for some of my favourite animations.
This site has come into to use time and again but here’s something more specific from it around the concept art for Aladdin. Because of what I am wanting to animate, I’ve mentioned animations such as Aladdin a few times and of course my main focus is on the magic carpet from within Aladdin.

Here’s some concept art work for it that I’ll be looking into a lot more as well as thinking about how would do something similar before creating my animations. Something that is very clear from looking at these drawings is that they take a lot of time and detail over the initial line work and design of the character before even animating them. Giving them a personality and character before they even move through the pose, style and design.

Character sheet which compares some of the other main archetypes and protagonists within the film next to one another with their general shape and dynamics outlined.

Here are the concept art work for the magic carpet that already truly brings the character to life.

Here is the carpet in action laid out in the various sketches and storyboard drawings of its initial movements and key frames.

This last image is of the texture that was created for the CG model of the magic carpet. It’s interesting to look a little closer at the texture that they had designed for the carpet and see how this effects the character and feel of the carpet.

Here’s a link to the website where is a whole host of various art that creates many well-known animations new and old.


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