Leeds Inspired

As the Leeds International Film festival is just around the corner, Leeds Inspired have been very busy in promoting the event, other events and various creatives in the region.

Here’s a little bit more about them from their website,
“Leeds Inspired is the city’s cultural programme that celebrates arts, sport and heritage events throughout the year. It brings together Leeds’ big annual events alongside community projects and fleet-of-foot DIY quirkiness to create a fabulous cultural calendar bursting at the seams. The Olympics provide the backdrop to the first year of Leeds Inspired and our programme will feature events including the Olympic Torch Relay Evening Celebration event and the Leeds Loves Sport festival.

The Leeds Inspired what’s on guide features a range of different events and we’d love to hear from anyone who wants to include their information on the website. Creating an account with the website is free and means that organisers can easily share information about events and activities taking place across the city. Our general rule of thumb is that your event needs to take place in Leeds and be open to everyone (apart from age restricted events).

Some of the projects we feature on the website are supported by the Leeds Inspired grants scheme. These grants are open to individuals and organisations who have an idea for a cultural project in Leeds. You can find out more about what kind of things we fund in the Grants section of the website. Leeds Inspired is a Leeds City Council initiative and is led by a steering group of partners including West Yorkshire Playhouse, SAA-UK, Cultivate, Leeds Young Authors, Leeds Initiative, Leeds Met Gallery, Phoenix Dance and Duke Studios.”

I’ve actually heard a lot about Leeds Inspired as I’ve had a lot of friends be aided and do short pieces of work for them. It’s good to know there is such a group within the local area as it puts more confidence in trying to create pieces of work for the general public and entertainment with a possibility of being helped and that there is an interest in your art whatever that may be.

As well as promoting larger events around Leeds, they are also willing to feature events set up by other creatives, as they state above. This is a great way to get in contact with other creatives out there that you may not otherwise have talked too or ever really meet who may also be interested.
A large issue that a lot of people are having at the moment, is funding and paying for events, projects and other creative ideas. Leeds Inspired do offer grants which you do have to apply for in which they look over the proposals and ideas in order to fund activities that will bring the city to life.

However for myself, the largest benefit of joining and subscribing to Leeds Inspired is the networking opportunities as well as being able to be told when good and exciting creative events are occurring around Leeds which I do have to admit I have been missing out on over the last few years! I may have to also get in contact with the to see what I may be able to help with for them in order to get more experience as well as hopefully getting more of my work out there.

Be sure to check out the Leeds Inspired website as they have some great information on things to come as well as the fact that they are very lovely people!



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