Ideas Tap

Ideas Tap is an arts charity set up in order to help young creatives such as myself at the start of our careers for advice, funding, opportunities, jobs, networking, tools and promotion. There have a lot to offer for a free and large charity as well as being specialist, this would mean that I wouldn’t be given advice that is generalised over several different mediums as, from different talks with creatives, a lot of the other advice and job areas don’t understand the full breadth of the creative industry or more mainly the film and animation industry. This area is largely based on who you know and not just what you know.

Here’s some more specific information about Ideas Tap and what they provide within each area.

They have several areas which fit into the various world of the arts such as animation, film, photography and theatre. It would be another interesting and different way of trying to get in contact and in discussion with various other animators whether they are in the industry or studying as we all have something to learn from one another. It’s also great as you don’t have to pay any fee’s and it is completely open and specific advice.

As well as having groups and other creatives to get in contact with when you join up, they also offer a host of opportunities such as briefs, art jobs, events, creative spaces, discounts and offers. Having a look through the jobs and other opportunities there aren’t many in the animation field but it all seems very relevant still, and I know that even if I’m not doing a high amount of animation, gaining an understanding and experience and other areas still help my animation and creatives skills a lot. Which is why recently I’ve been excepting and offering to help out at various events and different briefs.

I’ll be joining up with Ideas Tap soon and see what sort of exciting and different briefs and opportunities and I can try my hand at as well as getting more out there with networking and just chat to more people in the creative field.


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