Future Shorts

Future Shorts is known as the largest short film network in the world.
Rather than me copying what they say, here’s how they describe themselves…

“Since 2003 we’ve built a new audience for film across the globe, developed a platform for filmmakers that allows millions of people worldwide to engage with their work.

Working across exhibition, distribution and experiential events, Future Shorts is the product of 9 years of audience development, experimentation and of reacting to the demand for another way of experiencing film.

Operating online, in live events and through commercial distribution, we believe strongly in the social experience of film; in cinema as a communicator and community that should not be restricted by geography, status, wealth or politics.

Sister company Future Cinema has become world-renowned for re-imagining the cinema-going experience and championing ‘Live Cinema’, with events such as Secret Cinema receiving international acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Film. Music. Art. People. This is Future Shorts.


The World’s Biggest Pop Up Film Festival.

The Future Shorts Festival is the biggest pop up film festival of its kind, showcasing the most exciting short films from around the world. Anyone, anywhere can set up a screening and be part of a massive screening network and a powerful global community.

We are looking for explorers, adventurers, dreamers and those looking to be part of something that is changing the way we look at the world. We want to create a worldwide exchange of the most incredible stories and audiences.

Future Shorts breaks boundaries, borders and conventions to connect a global audience to the world’s best short films. The creators of the acclaimed Secret Cinema, Future Shorts have redefined the way we experience film. The festival is a true celebration of cinema as a communicator and community. Join us!


Future Shorts Distribution is the world’s leading short film label, representing an extensive and eclectic catalogue of original, award-winning titles.

With years of experience in acquiring premium content, FS Distribution is a one-stop shop for the latest groundbreaking talent and content on the market.

Selling to an international network of buyers across multiple platforms including broadcast, online, IPTV, airlines and more, we provide cutting-edge creative content solutions for brands and organisations.


Future Shorts has created a much-needed link between brands and the short film world.

Utilising our cross-platform experience and an expansive talent pool, we produce fully integrated creative campaigns that are unparalleled in their ability to engage audiences and communicate key brand messages.

Sourcing the most innovative and dynamic directors out there, we act as a commissioner and executive producer of short form content. Our integrated approach offers clients the opportunity to find a real audience through bespoke online platforms and unique live events.

Harnessing an in-depth knowledge of audience experience, we work with some of the leading names in film, music, publishing and advertising.”

I first heard about Future Shorts a few years ago whilst watching some really interesting and fun short films on YouTube and other websites. It was really interesting to see who Future Shorts where and why they were suddenly in front of a lot of great short films.
Rather than funding a film or something in that area, they are almost used as a distribution team who, once you have the short film finished, can help you get the short to the right people and out to the public as well as giving you the right advice and help. This is all stated within their ‘Abouts’ section which I pasted above. It was and still is a really fresh and good idea to help the small indie film makers who don’t know who to pass the brilliant short films too or need help getting more attention.

In the last few years Future Shorts have been increasing in size and can now hold events, festivals and screenings of some of its most well-known and best upcoming talents. There has been events all over the UK as well as Leeds and join up with larger events such as Leeds International Film Festival.

As well as helping out those doing short ‘live’ films they also help those that create animated short films. This could be useful in the future as Future Shorts viewer base is such a large area that if your short was showed within their fan base, it could possibly get more attention as well as more interestingly the sort of feedback and diversity in viewers. Although there is a $20 submission fee this is in order to help fund the group in order to help organise the events and deal with the distribution.



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