Arts Council

The Arts Council is an organisation set up through government and National Lottery funding in order to help develop and fund events and activities run across the arts all over the England.

Here’s how they explain who they are,

“Arts Council England champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives.

We support a range of activities across the arts, museums and libraries – from theatre to digital art, reading to dance, music to literature, and crafts to collections.

Great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better.

Between 2011 and 2015, we will invest £1.4 billion of public money from government and an estimated £1 billion from the National Lottery to help create these experiences for as many people as possible across the country.”

Similar to Ideas Tap, they provide information about jobs, conferences, advice, guidance and various amounts of funding but the funding is aimed more at events and other activities rather than actual projects in terms of creating animations. The interesting thing and relevent thing about them at the moment for myself are the conferences which they are holding. At the moment they seem to be very interested in the Digital side of art and although some of it is a little bit ‘off topic’ all of the information still feeds and informs my work one way or another as well as being interesting in how they perceive how useful digital art is at the moment and how to utilise it as a tool and art form.

A very useful and interesting advantage that the Arts Council has for someone like myself is its contact and information list. The group has a large knowledge of events that are coming up all around England that can be very useful and interesting to attend and just have some fun at as well. There isn’t a way to actually subscribe or join but they do have a Twitter you could follow for more information.


If you need more information be sure to check out the website below.


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