A Morning Stroll

Something a little different with this little animation which I had seen at Bradford Animation Festival and remembered when discussing my plan for the Independent Practice module. It isn’t exactly what I was planning but the idea and execution of the animation is something that I really would like to re-create one day.
The comparison came about when I was looking at the three different animations that I will be creating. The use of the different styles of animation to help inform the narrative and clearly outline the difference within the setting of the animation is great. I also really enjoy the composition of the shots and how they change and effect the visual performance. The narrative is wild and funny and wraps up in the most oddest of ways which is something I find hilarious and interesting. Something I’ll deffinatly use as a reference as they do so much with the animation at the beginning, or the one that is set in ‘1959’.

Watch it! It’s a little long but it’s well worth it.


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