Life Drawing 23/10/12

I’ve been busy once again keeping up with the life drawing sessions which are run by students within the College and the Student Union. I’ve been trying to adapt the sessions slightly to cater for my animation needs as well as simply trying to get better at understanding the human anatomy.

The drawings range from 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Rather than just trying to draw the person, I was looking more at the actual defining shape that the body makes as well and trying to experiment with various techniques and materials although I did favor the marker and biro once again.

I may have to speak to Mike Winnard who is the student that runs the life drawing classes if he was interested in allowing me to run a class in which we look more at motion and rather than having the model simply pose, we’d be looking at the line of movement and the way the body changes with the models movement. Instead of being so constant it would be interesting to see how the drawings would change. This is something we did slightly cover within Foundation but it was be interesting to try focus the drawings a little more.
What’s good about the classes though is that Mike does want other students to run them as well so we may have different styles or ideas but we can learn and help from each other. It was actually really nice to sit next to one of the fine art students that attends the classes and see how he interprets the model and the method in which he draws. They have a lot more experience and skill within this area and it’s great to see how willing people are to help each other and share their knowledge to improve everyone as well as themselves.


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