Sumo Digital and Games Britannia

This is sadly another late blog post of mine but by no means a bad event!
Back in July this year myself and Jade had gone to Sheffield to attend Games Britannia’s open day for Sumo Digital which was taking place at the Magna Museum. The day actually had a great start as we had actually gone to Sumo Digital’s main office building in Sheffield rather than the Magna Museum as we had gotten the information muddled up for the event and thought the open day was actually at the studio! Which was silly of us to even think they would do such a thing, but luckily the people at Sumo are lovely and we weren’t the first to have visited their studio that day thinking it was an open day!
Thankfully after a short nice chat they had pointed us in the right direction and paid for a taxi for myself and Jade to the museum where we had a very friendly and some what open taxi driver.

I’ve never actually been to the Museum but was impressed with its size and what it has inside the museum. We first sat through the rest of the talk, which we’d sadly missed due to the misunderstanding in the morning. We were then able to speak to some of the crew at Sumo and creative director as well as a general chat we were able to talk to them about the industry giving us a little insight into the gaming world as well as what they look for in portfolios and essential qualities the industry and they look for.

For animators a general knowledge of rigging and other technical parts is something they like to see within a part of their team as the basic understanding of the thing you’re trying to animate is always good. I was able to talk to the very nice David Blewett who is Sumo Digital’s lead artist, who had told us a bit about himself and how he got to where he is which I always find really interesting as it seems as though the journey is just as important as where they are now. He was able to give some great feedback on some work I happened to have with me and talked about how having a grounding in 2D animation is a very good and desirable thing to have which gave me a lot of confidence. Sadly my showreel wasn’t working for me so I wasn’t able to get any further feedback there but learnt a very valuable lesson in always preparing the showreel!!

It was really nice to be able to meet the guys from Sumo as it opened my eyes up to the sort of opportunities and places to grow as a creative within a more local area than always searching else where.

After the talks we were able to just have a look at the rest of the event and found the retro gaming hall which was filled with every console from gaming history as well as some of the platforms most popular/best games available to play with some new games which had me and Jade running around in delight. She is sadly way too good at pretty much every ‘beat em up’ game even though I thought I wasn’t too bad… But we did get to have a look at the game which has been created with Studio Ghibli, ‘Ni No Kuni’ which looks like it could be something very exciting and fun although it seems to be only for Play Station platforms so I guess I need to get purchasing!

Here’s a link to Sumo Digital’s website, be sure to check them out!


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