All Animated

Fairly recently ‘Animated Yorkshire’ turned into ‘All Animated’ and has begun to build a larger network of creatives to gather, chat and possibly join up which is always nice!
I had first really noticed the community at BAF last year but it seems to have grown and grown in my mind in interest as it allows us to communicate. I had previously looked at Animated Yorkshire in order to look at what people around this area are doing as well as just being able to chat to other creatives in the same area. Last year I sadly wasn’t able to make many of the meetings however this year I’ve decided to stick to my plans and try to attend some of the events the group hold. Sadly I couldn’t attend their first Leeds one due to being at the ‘NEST’ opening event. I will hopefully be attending the future Leeds meet ups in order to try get more connected with the creatives within the area to really see what opportunities and learning I can gain closer to home rather than just looking further out as there are a lot more opportunities than I had realised within Yorkshire.


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