Light Night Animation fun

Me and Jade finally got some work done together but sadly we only spent around 2 days of work on a very short animation for light night.

Light Night is an event set up in Leeds as an art event every year with various themes for some things to do later on at the evening with various companies and Leeds College of Art to do art events.

Myself and Jade decided to join forces to create a very short animation to do with the theme Shadow and Light. So Jade came up with the idea of using a knight (as a bit of a cheeky pun!) and we both worked out a story with the idea I had taken from Peter Pan with a child fighting against their shadow.

These are only my very few sketches and plans as she works on a few more.
We simply wrote down a plan and storyboard very fast and then tried to define it further as we agreed on the opening. At first Jade was going to focus on the knight as I sorted out the shadow but she came across a few issues with the walk cycle and dealing with some of the knights movements, so we swapped roles but she still had done some of the knight as well.

But we didn’t get much time over all and there’s only sadly just under 2 days work within the short and hopefully we’ll be able to carry on the animation and add more sound on a later date, as we have many more ideas for the little guy!


Night Knight from Jade Hodgson on Vimeo.

Let us know what you think!


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