Sophie Wilson

One thing that I have definitely taken away from these last few years with the Foundation and Foundation Degree, is that you can’t do everything yourself. From helping out around the College as a student ambassador I’ve had the opportunity to really get to know some of the other courses as well as have a clearer insight into what they get up too.
The main thing that clearly stands out is just how specialist and knowledgeable people can be within certain areas of the creative industry. It may be an obvious point, but you don’t feel the full effect until you see the work or talk to the people within these areas about their subject.

This is why I am so proud to have stolen away with Sophie Wilson, currently a third year student on Graphic Design.
I don’t understand when Sophie talks about typography terms, or specific sizes of the layout or even certain things about colour and other areas that build up the design. But this is actually a very reassuring feeling as it just proves that I was right to ask for some help from her!

The task that I’ve asked Sophie to help me deal with is the ‘branding’ and other portfolio style layouts for myself, which we were able to meet up in the summer to discuss.

Thankfully myself and Sophie get on well and she knows what sort of person I am as well as what I like so by asking her to help, it doesn’t mean the style and look of things will not be me. Sadly we’re both incredibly busy at the moment so it won’t be awhile till everything is done, however we’re still having a meeting and chat every now and again to slowly get things sorted!

Be sure to check out Sophie’s brilliant graphic design work in which she’s already had lots of short-term internships! She also creates a ‘Design A Day’ which she posts on her Facebook page which are lovely to see!

Here’s a link to her…
Facebook –
Portfolio –
Etsy –

Hopefully we’ll be able to show something lovely very soon!
For now… enjoy!


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