Life Drawing!

Ever since I saw the importance of understanding the human figure as well as simply developing my drawing skills, I’ve really wanted to do more life drawing and the first time I had done that was back on my Foundation course.
Luckily I was able to do the little bit of free life drawing sessions thanks to the ladies from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Once I heard about the Life Drawing Classes that someone had set up within the College I was pretty excited to be able to have the ability to practice as well as learn from others that will have a greater understanding and experience. Sadly last year I either simply missed them or was too busy to ever get around to attending one of their late night sessions. Thankfully it’s changed this time around and I’ve finally been able to attend one of the life drawing sessions.

(Please note the last two drawings are not done by me!)

It was a really nice relaxed atmosphere where we were free to really just experiment and do what you want as long as it didn’t put anyone else off or disturb the session. We started off with quick 5 minute poses which then developed into 10 minutes, then 15 and ending on a 20 minute pose. It was really interesting to see the speed, style and approach people took to drawing and especially with a live subject.
I’ve always had trouble with drawing human figures and with animation, I especially wish to understand the human body shape and movement better than I do now.

The final image in the group above, was drawn by Mike Winnard who is a Fine Art student at LCA who actually started the Life Drawing sessions who ran the first session with hope that more students will help run them on later dates. It’s incredible to see the detail he was able to pick up in such a short time as well as the speed and weight of the lines, with his own style and ‘flare’.
Something that I may just have to do next time is to just look out for what details people look out for and put down first, looking at their method and maybe mixing it with my own but obviously not ‘stealing’ their style or technique..

Here’s a link to Mike’s website which you’d be crazy not to look at!

With the Life Drawing sessions going on every week within the College, I will definitely be going back to practice some more!


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