Canterbury Anifest

I haven’t been able to blog for a while sadly but for good reasons this time! I’ve been really busy recently with setting up external projects, personal projects and sorting/starting my final year of University!

One thing I did remember to do before I came back to Uni was to check out the up and coming animation festivals around the UK as well as abroad. Sadly the animation festival that myself and Mary heard so much about last year at BAF 2011 (Fantoche), which had taken place in September, was out of our budget once we had added it the trip with accommodation and tickets to the event.
Thankfully a great website which I had come across through Twitter, Animation Festivals, lists animation and film festivals around the world. It is very simple to use with the ability to be more precise with the date, place or type of festival you’re looking for. It’s nice that as well as having the more common or well-known festivals, it allows the users to add or notify other users and the site about other festivals.

Here’s a link to the site’s Twitter page!

Animation Festivals

Whilst looking through the website I noticed one that wasn’t too bad in terms of timing, seemed interesting and was very focused. When looking more into the festival I noticed it was only £20 for a full festival pass which is always great for us students! But what really took me by surprise was the guest list and speakers that will be attending the event….

I can’t wait to go now and it had all been booked and ready a few weeks ago with a good group of people to go with!
The line up of key speakers is definitely going to be exciting and I’m going to be preparing some hopeful questions as well as taking lots of notes for myself and to possibly use within my dissertation which is scarily looming over.
There will be an update upon the festival after the weekend and once I’ve been able to gather my notes!

Here’s a link to their website!

Canterbury Animation Festival website


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