Bradford Animation Festival 2012

It seems that the Animation Festivals are just coming out of my ears this year with the number I want to go too!
Bradford Animation Festival seems like one that I will always try attend from now on as I still see the benefits and remember how much fun and exciting the events are every year I attend. The event itself always seems to fill me with more passion and drive to go further with animation and try to get into the industry.

This year however I have organized myself a little bit better. I had applied to volunteer at BAF this year but due to a high number of returning volunteers as well as a large number applying to volunteer I wasn’t able too, however I’m still very tempted to volunteer at Bradford Media Museum as there are more and more events that I attend at the Media Museum.
The Media Museum really is a little jem for media, film and animation students within the area and seems I haven’t used it too its full potential as of yet which I very much plan to change these coming years.

Coming back to the Animation Festival, it’s on the 13th – 17th November and I would advice anyone interested to attend! I’ll be ready with my pencil’s sharpened to take plenty of notes once again as well as specifically attending Curtis Jobling’s talk on (as he puts it) “@cluk_animations Cheers Chris – doing a spot on the ‘greasy ladder’ (getting into the business)” as well as Joanna Quinn’s life drawing work shop which I sadly missed out on last year.

There’s no way to describe the excitement and buzz I got from last year and that’s getting me ready for the up and coming BAF. Hopefully there will be able to learn just as much from the event as well as being able to gather lots of information for my dissertation.

Here’s a link to the Animation Festival’s website!

There’ll be an update on the Festival once the event starts similar to the posts I had done last year summing up the days, so keep an eye out if you’re interested!


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